Mycosm Platform

Build high-fidelity real-time 3D applications
in C++ or Python

What is Mycosm?

The Mycosm platform enables software developers to build powerful real-time 3D business visualization and simulation solutions. Mycosm provides game-quality graphics combined with realism and accuracy.

Who can use it?

The platform is designed for software developers with an emphasis on business use. Choose from C++ or Python and integrate your 3D solutions with business data and existing business applications.

Why use it?

We’ve lowered the learning curve usually associated with programming high-end 3D graphics. Little or no previous 3D programming experience is required for developers to quickly and easily develop powerul 3D solutions.

More examples

Mycosm has been used to build a range of visualization and simulation applications. These examples show mining and traffic simulations.

Mycosm open-pit mine simulation

Mycosm traffic flow simulation demo