What is Mycosm?

Mycosm is a platform for creating real time 3D applications. It is designed for a broad range of developers and industries such as education, games, engineering simulation, visualization, decision support and more.Mycosm has been designed from the ground up with the following aims in mind:

  • A high level of visual richness and realism
  • Fast to learn with a streamlined work flow
  • Business application development, not just games.

What is Mycosm Studio?

Mycosm Studio is a design and authoring tool for creating real time 3D environments that can be played in the freely distributable Mycosm Player. Studio allows developers to completely create and control the user experience of the environment within Mycosm player.

Is Mycosm a game engine?

No, Mycosm is a simulation and visualization engine that can create a broader range of 3D applications than just games. Most game engines are designed to be used by game developers, experienced in all that's required to make a modern game: art, design, 3D technology, software engineering, scripting and so on. Mycosm has been designed to offer powerful features to these experienced developers while keeping the experience and interface simple for newcomers.

What can Mycosm be used for?

Mycosm is designed for applications where high-fidelity visualization, simulation and real-time interactivity is needed. Mycosm has been used for:

  • Architctural visualization
  • Mining simulation
  • Warehouse automation simulation
  • Staff induction training
  • City traffic-flow simulation
  • Town planning, visualization and decision support
  • Virtual tours

What 3D engine does Mycosm use?

Mycosm runs on its own DirectX based real-time 3D engine and is optimized to use the GPU of your 3D graphics card.

How does Mycosm interoperate with business systems?

Mycosm environments can be imported from, and exported to XML to allow interoperability with external applications and to encourage the growth of third-party tools that can interact with Mycosm. Mycosm applications can be integrated with existing .NET applications to facilitate the use of Mycosm across an enterprise. Mycosm applications can talk to a business back-end, for example to access and visualize data stored in relational databases.

What scripting language does Mycosm use?

Mycosm uses Python as its scripting language. Python is used primarily because of its wide take up in industry, ease of use, and accessibility for the broadest range of developers.

Are there restrictions or royalties on the commercial work I can do with Mycosm?

No. Once you have purchased a commercial-use license for Mycosm Studio, you can do any amount of commercial work without royalties or any restriction on what your customers might do with your work.

Mycosm Player is free to you and your customers for distribution of your work.

How do I deploy the environment that I make?

Once you have built a 3D environment with Mycosm, you then publish it. Basically, this means creating a single encrypted package that can then be played using Mycosm Player. Using the scripting facilities provided by Mycosm, you can build a wide range of functionality into Mycosm Player to customize the user experience as your environemnt is played. For example, customized control via keyboard, mouse and/or game controller, customization of the user interface, and so on.

Does Mycosm handle multiplayer?

Not yet, but this is planned for a future release of Mycosm.

Does Mycosm have a character animation system?

Not yet, but we have something planned for a future release. Currently, Mycosm can import animated FBX character models.

Does Mycosm run on Linux or on any of the consoles? What about Mac?

At the moment, Mycosm only runs on Windows PCs, but we are looking at a port to other platforms in the future.

What sort of computer do I need to run Mycosm and how much performance should it have?

The short answer to this is that you need a Windows PC that is capable of running any kind of 3D game. More technically speaking, you will need:

2.0+ GHz dual core CPU
1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
Recent model 3D Graphics card with 512MB video memory or more recommended
1.5GB of hard disk space

Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista or XP SP3 (32 and 64 bit)
DirectX® 9.0c or higher
Microsoft .NET 3.5 or higher

The higher the performance of your graphics card, the better your Mycosm environment will run and more content and complex behaviour is possible. Keep in mind the target audience and machine specs for your published Mycosm environment.

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