Create high quality real time 3D environments Add powerful visualization and 3D simulation to your business applications Use Python to script logic and bahaviors for advanced simulations Import 3D content from industry standard sources

What is Mycosm Studio?

Mycosm Studio provides design tools and content management for creating advanced 3D simulations and visualizations. Run your published 3D environments in Mycosm Player.

Who can use it?

Anyone who wants to develop real time 3D simulation or 3D visualization applications for business or entertainment. No specific technical skills needed.

Why use it?

Mycosm offers an advanced 3D rendering engine at an affordable price. Start now without the steep learning curve of high-end 3D software engines.


  • 3D tools

    Familiar 3D tools

    Mycosm Studio tools work the same way as other software for 3D design you've used.

  • 3D Assets

    Easy asset importing

    Drag and drop textured 3D models from 3ds Max® or Maya® straight into your real time 3D environment.

  • 3D Terrain Editor

    Terrain Editing

    Terrain sculpting and painting that is fun for enthusiasts and a powerful tool for 3D artists.

  • Python Scripts


    Add additional behaviour and functionality to your environments with Python, a popular programming language that’s powerful and easy to use.

More features


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SpeedTree trees and plants Edit the properties of objects Terrain sculpting and texture painting Familiar 3D tools such as move, scale and rotate Scene Graph shows all objects in your environment Control every aspect of your environment with Python script Multiple real time light sources with soft shadows Fork Particle effects such as snow, rain and smoke High fidelity real-time rendering engine